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Show No Show

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"I had the sense that I could write dozens of pages about the hour in the theater and still not cover it all." - Ellen Chenoweth, Director of the Dance Presenting Series at Columbia College Chicago

Funny and unpredictable, Show No Show moves in the spaces between understanding and misunderstanding, play and power, tenderness and conflict.


Choreography & Performance: Gabrielle Revlock & Aleksandr Frolov (RU)


"Show No Show is a beautiful and inventive take on performance itself, equally comedic as it is captivating." - Bodies Never Lie, 5/1/18

"The work is heartfelt and asks a lot of questions about the relationship between two people. It's a beautiful piece by two talented dancers." - Global City, 8/31/16

"The dancers caught the viewers' attention from the first seconds and for the duration of one hour were able to convey to the audience the entire range of feelings and emotions that appear in the relationship of two people." - Uralady, 8/30/16

"This final scene is all the more haunting because we want to see these two dancers on stage together." -  ThINKingDance, 4/11/16

"It’s a smart, funny dance piece tracking a relationship, or relationships, through a series of well-expressed interactions." - Phindie, 3/26/16

"Watching Show No Show at FringeArts is a pleasure." -The Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/26/16

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