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Love Is Like a Butterfly

Set to a fragmented piano score, Love is like a Butterfly is a cheeky solo utilizing the hoop, which builds on the question “What if the hoop can and will fall?” The world created is one in which failure and beauty coexist and where the imagination overtakes the mundane.

Performance: Gabrielle Revlock
Sound Design: Aleksandr Frolov

The above video, a creative documentation of the live performance, was shot and edited by Georges Chidozie Ekwensi.


"Whimsical physical comedy informs Revlock’s movement, but behind it is also enigmatic character dance."  The Dance Journal, 10/16/18

"The cheeky Love is like a Butterfly by Gabrielle Revlock was highly entertaining, drawing laughs from the audience by cleverly using several props and Revlock’s signature hoops to charm the room." - The Dance Journal, 10/9/18

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