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The Dance Apocalypse

Projects created by Gabrielle Revlock and Nicole Bindler from 2011-2021.

Stage Performances

The Dance Apocalypse/Solos

This piece is a radical challenge to the paltry circumstances in which artists seek funding and a heart wrenching end-of-the-world love story with pizazz. It includes clitoral embodiment, taxidermy hats, a fundraising campaign and true confessions. 


A combination of circumstances (travel, funding, curiosity) caused the duo to pull apart their previous work, The Dance Apocalypse (see description below) divvying up the material into two solos. Revlock performs The Dance Apocalypse/Fundraiser and Bindler performs The Dance Apocalypse/Class.* The solos bring focus to Revlock and Bindler as individuals and provide personal and sometimes contradictory perspectives on their tumultuous relationship.


*In truth they aren't really solos at all because they two halves fit together, commenting on, contradicting and supporting each other.


Culturebot (April 2015)
OffOffOff (April 2015)

New York Times (April 2015)

The Dance Apocalypse

The Dance Apocalypse takes place within the context of a director’s commentary, a sensationalist talk show and a million-dollar kickstarter campaign for a feature length film. Within these comedic backdrops, the dance explores the nature of creative collaboration between Revlock and Bindler– shedding light on tensions and delights in relation to art-making and to each other as female artists in a spectacle-driven world.



CityPaper (Apr 2014)
Rob Wright Reflection (Apr 2014)

thINKingDANCE (Mar 2013)


Performance (argument excerpt)

Rehearsal Video 1
Rehearsal Video 2

The Dance Apocalypse has been supported by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage and FringeArts.

I Made This for You

Give them what they want!  I made this for you is a raucous, playful yet earnest dance about audience engagement and community building. I made this for you challenges notions of competition and conventional forms of beauty by using biting wit and playful commentary. There will be sur (PRIZES)!



Pittsburgh Examiner, July 2014

Seattle Dances, June 2014

ThINKingDance, October 2011

Broad Street Review, May 2011

Genre Defying Projects

Screenshot 2024-06-23 at 11.57.46 AM.png
Screenshot 2024-06-23 at 12.47.16 PM.png
Chicken Fight

A trailer for a movie and a failed kickstarter for a million dollars. Chicken Fight is a nonlinear, narrative, feminist, comedic tour-de-force about romantic love among the Jewish diaspora.




The Dance Apocalypse Singles Club 

This group was created for people looking for love/sex/romance/flirtation during the global pandemic. It's also served those looking for camaraderie, support, or a place to ask questions. Imagine you’re mingling at a cocktail party. What’s missing in online dating and how can this format fill some of the gaps? Apply now! 

Club Resources:

Quarantine Pod Application Template
Ghosting Template

Call For Funders 

Gabrielle and Nicole invite funders to apply to support The Dance Apocalypse’s creative work. Eligible funders must demonstrate a history of supporting radical, experimental, feminist performance for at least 2 years. To be considered please submit a letter of intent to and address the following questions:


• What is your mission? What is your distinct contribution to the ecology of the region’s cultural community? How do you place your funding in the context of the field at large?


• Describe your support capabilities. What activities are involved?  


• How does support of The Dance Apocalypse relate to your organization’s mission and/or your programmatic goals?


• How does your proposed approach in this application, as well as your history with past artists (give examples), demonstrate that your organization is ready to take on this project with a realistic expectation for success?


• How do you anticipate your support broadening the audiences for The Dance Apocalypse?


• How will you document your support?


• How will you evaluate the programmatic impact your support has had on The Dance Apocalypse? How might you incorporate your learnings going forward?


• What potential impact might your support of The Dance Apocalypse have on the field?

• What is the evidence of your organization’s ability to effectively manage and steward this project from a financial and governance standpoint?

Pre-Dating and Post-Dating Services​​​​​​​

Is dating bringing you down? Do you keep meeting duds? Do you feel like dating is a waste of time? Hire a Pre-dater!

Gabrielle Revlock, Certified Pre-dater is now accepting new clients.

What is a Pre-dater you ask?
A Pre-dater is someone who meets your date prior to your first face to face meeting with a warm, professional and astute demeanor. They are a person who shows up to screen your date on your behalf so you don’t have to waste time figuring out whether they’re totally lame. It’s hard to tell if someone is a creep virtually. Gabrielle will discern this for you and weed out the bad apples. Save time, energy and potential heartbreak.

Gabrielle has your best interests at heart. Happiness and love is just a Pre-date away.​​​​​​​​​

Kickstarter Rewards Program

If you pledged a successful kickstarter and they never sent you your reward you can re-activate your reward with The Dance Apocalypse. For $10 and we will send a comparable reward within one week.  Email us to claim your due reward!

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