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"An engaging and profound performance experience." - The Dance Journal
"A beautiful and inventive take on performance itself, equally comedic as it is captivating." - Bodies Never Lie
"Halo fell into the never-seen-before category even after my decades of modern dance watching...a tour de force performance." - The Herald Sun
"Gabrielle Revlock brings us back to physical delight and the amazement of physics." - The Five Point Star
"It’s a smart, funny dance piece tracking a relationship, or relationships, through a series of well-expressed interactions." - Phindie
"It's hilarious and manages to be outrageous, provocative, and intimate all at once." - ThINKing Dance
"I felt lucky to watch Bindler and Revlock reveal themselves over the course of the evening in such poignant, wild, hilarious, and generous ways." - Culturebot
""What had been somewhat funny became repulsive and then a little funnier as she hula-hooped while reading from a list of apologies and heroically kept the hoop spinning as she exited through a string curtain." -  The New York Times
"Brilliantly conceived, choreographed, and performed." - Seattle Dances
"Wildly entertaining — I couldn't keep my eyes off of the two. Their unpredictability was captivating." - Philadelphia CityPaper
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